is there anybody in here?
just nod if you can hear me
is there anyone home?

to start things off, i will try to make this as painless as possible. if you are reading this in a nice html and css formated form, it means i have done something right. if not, oh well, i have probably messed up some place that i simply cannot remember and have not come around to fix it yet (like everything i cannot figure out in a few hours).

oh, and i am not sorry about the typos.

the not so egocentric me-time

some introduction might be in place. i am vala or some variation of the word “printer”, or at least that is what i am known as on my favourite fediverse instance.

i like to keep my realities separate, so if you know me by something else then i congratulate you for finding this part of me. i might sooner or later reveal a lot more about myself without thinking, but i have invented my identity as vala in hope that i can leave a lot of nosey spooks known as parents, potential employers and a bit of big brother behind me. they should probably not poke their nose in the inner workings of my mind anyways.

at the moment, i am currently a neet. i am not proud of it, and would like to parttake in society like a normal meatsuit, but that might have to wait until the new year arrives. if it ever arrives. i am quite pessimistic about that with the current state of the world.

what interests me?

i could probably make a long list over stuff i find interesting, but that would probably bore you. to keep it short here is a quick one.

  • decentralization
  • history and social sciences
  • c y b e r p u n k _ a e s t h e t i c s
  • anime (especially bad ones)
  • coding (i tried to make this website, but that is about it when it comes to my knowledge of this wizardry)
  • privacy and encryption, but i do not know how stuff works
  • a bit of c y b e r p u n k _ a e s t h e t i c s
  • cassettes
  • almost forgot to mention c y b e r p u n k _ a e s t h e t i c s
  • have i said c y b e r p u n k _ a e s t h e t i c s enough yet?

words of acknowledgment

i would like to thank the wonderful people at welovela.in for being a supportive bunch of internet voices that interact with me. if the internet is just a hallucination, this part of it is something that keeps me from bad tripping. reality can be a bit confusing.

@tA, @Lunarised, @seliph and the rest of you lots, i really like you nerds. keep on nerding across my timeline.

now you know a bit about me, so i guess we can call it a day.

~ vala // printer

we are the kids of yesterday