disclaimer: this will contain light national stereotypes

leave now if you are easily offended by such

this is not a dril
call in the special forces
somebody made a joke on the internet

another thread from a new person calling the pleroma devs for racists after a joke about japanese english from a japanese developer, that got removed in a later update. justifying their own behaviour because their american-japanese friends are not okay with the joke.

i thought american-japanese were considered american

united states of hambagas. they might call themselved german-american, irish-american or polish-american or even add four or five different nationalities to their name. does that make them part of the culture of their preferred national-pronouns? not really. if you are one of those who say you are part of the culture in your grandparents homeland, without having set a foot there, you are living in a bubble of expectations of how that country is. you are almost at the level of wapanese and their obsession with glorified japanese culture.

if someone came here and told me that they are norwegian-american and that my jokes about the pronunciation my fellow countrymen have when speaking english like petter solberg, jens stoltenberg, thorbjørn jaggland and thor heyerdahl are offensive, i would tell them to “gå og lek i trafikken eller onaner med en flisete pølseklype, rasshøl”.

back to pleroma

it just makes me really mad to see others trying to rule the very foundation this network is built on. decentralizing and everyone who wants should be able to participate or host their own corner with their own rules on the network. because some of us are not fascistic killjoys who cannot take a joke. as someone who is not japanese, i have nothing to say about jokes they make about themselves. because that is none of my business.

that is the same as asking if i should not be able to make fun of my own people because some hambaga might find it offensive.

hurr-durr all pleroma devs are nazis and hate lgbtq++…

i am sitting here with my welovela.in account open. the timeline is slowly filling up with new posts for me to refresh to see. and from what i see here from my instance castle here in pleroma land, the devs do a fantastic job.

calling them a lot of slurs and bullshit about being anti every possible human right when it comes to sexuality is a fuarkin joke. like seriously, have you haters seen anything they post at all?
most of them are queer as fuark. bi, trans, lesbian, have a shared love for girls, code, code-socks, etc.

  • why are people saying shiz like that all the time then?
  • is it because releasing something as free software under a friendly license empowers shitty people?
  • or is it that the haters are just repeating what the rest of their narrow minded community is circle jerking about?

dont ask me.

free as in free software

software wants to be free. that is something the gnu/linux daddy-o, rms, have told me through the internets. and it makes kind of sense. more people can debug a program that shares its source code for anyone to see, than something made to be locked down and secretive of how the inner workings are put together.

pleroma is open-source, and free for anyone to hack on and make their own instance with. because of this, the devs have no moral obligation to keep anyone from using the software. the license states so. they usually condemn the use, but have no “super overpowered malevolent dictator button” to delete instances.

if you want to make a pleroma instance for posting lewd mecha content, nobody but your hosting provider, their isp, domain registrar, hosting providers country laws or hackers have the power to take the instance down. if the rabbits or catgirls of pleroma had that power from git, it would make no difference from being on their instances. and then, what would be the point of releasing the code for anyone to use?

gee-fuggin-z. hope you stub your little toe, pleroma hating nitwits

~ vala // printer

i dont care what they say about us anyway
i dont care about that