today i am sharing my mixtape of the day. it is not especially long or particularly interesting, but it has been ages since my last post and i felt like making some noise, and todays noise is what i put in the selfdefined box of “daftesque”. basically anything that has some of the quirks of french 80s disco house (or daft punk). in one way or another. take it with a pinch of salt.

vinter in hollywood - r u robot

this is an interesting track from savant before he became savant, and it sounds like if daft punk had a third member (that the other two have locked in a box under the stage when performing)…
youtube: vinter in hollywood - r u robot

agrume - love beam

catchy, cute and definitly belonging here in my list. when listening to it, i enter my personal little la-la-land filled with feelings of slow but beautiful adventures where even stuff like going to buy groceries is an interesting journey.

soundcloud: agrume - love beam
youtube: agrume - love beam

the weeknd - i feel it coming (feat. daft punk)

i know this looks like cheating, and it is by one of those mainstream artists that seems to be everywhere nowadays, but this song is honestly a slow-dance groove that i just cant get out of my head. i want to dance late at night by myself on a dancefloor filled with knee-high smoke and get noticed by a potential love-interest to this song. or sit on a staircase on the backside of a bar looking at the star with a potential love-interest holding onto my arm while leaning their head on my shoulder. (pls send me a gf, i am so lonely (╥ ~ ╥) )

youtube: the weeknd - feel it coming (feat. daft punk)

modjo - lady (hear me tonight)

funky guitar sample, that good vibe groove and easy to get lyrics. there is no wonder how it is an absolute earworm.

youtube: modjo - lady (hear me tonight)

stardust - music sounds better with you

maybe this is cheating as well, as 1/2 of daft punk was present in the making of this funky banger. it is also true that the music sounds better with uwu you.

youtube: stardust - music sounds better with you

daft punk - one more time / aerodynamic / aerodynamic beats / forget about the world (leblanc sound remake)

this one is definitly daft punk, i mean they made the mashup for the alive (2007) tour, but i like the leblanc sound remake better because it is the live album without the live extras. no audience, no random clapping or interference. just like a studio album, but made from a live album. that shit is nice. it sounds better when combined with the rest of the remade album, so consider checking that out. (as it is an unofficial album that can never be licenced, leblanc sound only posted it in 320kbps mp3 instead of flac. (╥ ~ ╥) )

oxo.st: daft punk - one more time / aerodynamic / aerodynamic beats / forget about the world (leblanc sound remake)
mega: daft punk - alive (2007)(leblanc sound remake)


when the lights go out
will you take me with you?_