i need some sleep

back to school

summer is over, and all the smart kids idiots who waste money on higher education are going back to school. me included. i started a two semester course in it and informationsystems, that so far has only been about communication and design. no coding until next semester. big sad :(
as something of an idiot myself, i am actually looking forward to the rest of this year. i have made some pals here, and i hope everything works out. though i am a pessimist by nature.

i mentioned coding?

well, yeah. not in some languages i would prefer, but beggars cant be choosers. we are supposed to learn java and golang, and i want something cooler. lunarised has offered me private lessons in java, that i appreciate very much. after all, i define myself as a larp programmer at this point as i may come across as a smarter idiot than i actually am. +1 in charisma, for using linux and vim i guess?

anyway, i have a public gitlain repository where i track my progress. laugh at it if you want.

server time (aka. nerd time. close tab if you dont like nerding)

i have recently started renting a dedicated server, skipping over the vps stage that a lot of people go through. currently it is running my jellyfin server and syncthing(down since 2019-09-13).

the problem with it, is i was stupid when setting the shiz up and now i probably have to set it up again. i had no clue when setting up raid 1, and accidentally split it into a 2 tb and a 1 tb partition. my 2 tb partition is now full (of high quality waifu material). maybe i should nuke it megumin style?

though i am on the fence. almost 2 tb of waifus and husbandos are not to be discarded lightly. my tower spent days uploading them. should i redo it, should i rent storage space while reinstalling the os or should i try to live with it?

i can alternatively install a new os, though i have no clue what.

no, tA, i will not install urbit

more on this story as it develops